Be emotional. Don't be hysterical.

300 USD

15% of proceeds will be donated to Womankind (, nonprofit dedicated to helping survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma.

YEAR 2018
MEDIUM Acrylic ink 
EDITION Original artwork
FRAMED In white

Each artwork was created after having a conversation with a woman about her gendered contradiction. This is part of a series called Defying Dualities. Learn more about the work here: www.takeupspacebybng.

Be emotional. Don't be hysterical.

“You're expected to essentially be like an emotional sponge. You absorb and then things get squeezed out of you. Yet what? It's not OK to cry at work. To feel extreme emotions at work. If a guy yells in a meeting, it's because he's passionate about his job or career or company. And if a woman yells or cries, it's because she's hysterical or overreacting.

Feelings are facts. Don't judge your feelings. I need to keep telling myself that because so much stress and frustration and heartache is me either saying you shouldn't be feeling this right now because other people have told me I shouldn't be feeling like this right now. Or I'm self gas-lighting and saying no, you're not stressed right now. You're just having a long week. It's not an endemic problem to your job. It's just having a bad day. So much emotional calculus, which by the way, I hate calculus." –Molly O.