Be professional. Be nurturing.

300 USD

15% of proceeds will be donated to Womankind (, nonprofit dedicated to helping survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma.

YEAR 2018
MEDIUM Acrylic ink 
EDITION Original artwork
FRAMED In white

Each artwork was created after having a conversation with a woman about her gendered contradiction. This is part of a series called Defying Dualities. Learn more about the work here: www.takeupspacebybng.

Be professional. Be nurturing.

“There's this fear of messing up and this might just be more of my unspoken, impostor syndrome fear. But I think if I mess up, I don't want them to ask "How did this girl get here with her personality and who she is? How did she even get here?"

It would be so nice to be in a place, and this is might just be something I can work on for myself, but to be in a place where I can say I don't have to worry about other people's opinions and what they think. For example, a lot of guys in coding classes will talk shit about girls. During college, in my comp sci classes guys would say, "This girl is getting all the answers only because she's flirting." The guys assume girls play a different game to get further in tech. People are not taking us as seriously as guys. Especially if they're in CS, they think she's only here because they didn't have enough girls. It took so long for women to enter these kinds of spaces and now that a lot more of us are here, we're seen as the token girl in the situation.

This feeds into many of my personally insecurities cause I don't want my coworkers thinking that I am where I am because of my identities versus my accomplishments, capabilities, and intellect." –Meera D.