Don't act like a woman. Don't act like a man.

300 USD

15% of proceeds will be donated to Womankind (, nonprofit dedicated to helping survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma.

YEAR 2018
MEDIUM Acrylic ink 
EDITION Original artwork
FRAMED In white

Each artwork was created after having a conversation with a woman about her gendered contradiction. This is part of a series called Defying Dualities. Learn more about the work here: www.takeupspacebybng.

Don't act like a woman. Don't act like a man.

“I always thought being strong and tough by not showing as many emotions were what I needed to do, but my realization in the past couple of years is actually the reverse. I can be a woman and still be strong and tough. It was more about how I handle myself.

Stop denying who you are and embrace what you like. When I was younger, I had a lot of people say, "You'll never be someone or do something." I would tell my younger self to not take no to heart so much. Once you hear a "no" you feel discouraged, but we forget that everything in life can be learned. And everything could be improved with practice.

The word genius is just someone who put a lot of time into it and really loved doing it. Your natural abilities come from what you enjoy. What makes you talented is the time and work you put into it to polish your natural abilities. To see things and understand things. Whatever it is. It's really just putting time into it." –Janya M.