Don't be serious. Don't be feminine.

300 USD

15% of proceeds will be donated to Womankind (, nonprofit dedicated to helping survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma.

YEAR 2018
MEDIUM Acrylic ink 
EDITION Original artwork
FRAMED In white

Each artwork was created after having a conversation with a woman about her gendered contradiction. This is part of a series called Defying Dualities. Learn more about the work here: www.takeupspacebybng.

on't be serious. Don't be feminine.

“I just had this idea of who I should be. Like you have to be this or that. Serious or feminine. Fun or smart and intellectual. Now I still feel that pressure sometimes around certain guys. When I talk to certain guys I will mentally think, oh you would like intellectual Alicia more and you would probably like fun, party girl Alicia more. I try to make a more conscious effort now if I'm interested in someone to not really hide either of those sides. Even if it's not romantic, I try to be my full self.

I'm a lot happier with myself personally. I like to read literature and I also like to watch makeup videos on YouTube. Being able to talk about all the things I like without feeling shame about any of them is a really freeing experience. Even though literature is more important to me then makeup videos or Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life digesting serious, worldly, high brow things. All of these things contribute to being a well-rounded version of myself. I feel better physically mentally and emotionally when I'm that version of myself.

It's easier to be one thing, even though it's not truly easier because you're stifling apart of yourself, but I think it feels easier because it's more socially acceptable to be uncomplicated." –Alicia T.